quinta-feira, abril 09, 2009

Because I really wanted to write about the whole Rita Vs. Gilda thing.
Because I caught 2 episodes of SATC I love, in a row, on TV.
Because I didn't want to open my own blog and see the song below anymore.
Because one of the episodes was the one about the "ghosts of relationships past", and the other was the pilot.
Because I'm always relying on pop culture to find answers.
Because ... and ....
Because yet another full moon is upon me (and this one is supposed to be 'special').
Because I wish I was in a different time zone. Looking up nevertheless.
Because it's a puzzle I must figure out. A 75 hundred pieces jigsaw of Pollock's Convergence.
Most of all because I am really sleepy but can't go to bed. Not yet.

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