segunda-feira, julho 29, 2013

So, another year ends or another year begins. Choose to see.

What does it say about my birthday that I'm taking a trip down memory lane? Choose songs from the 90's.

What does it say about my past year? Choose clips from movies from the 90's.

Looking back I had a great year, lots of fun, traveling, friends, movies, music, concerts. Easy choices.

Looking forward I'll also have another great year, travelling, tango, friends, remarkable food to eat, great places to see, new things to do. Easy choices.

When do easy choices become no-choices? Does it ever? Does it matter? Especially when you're having fun?

No regrets, great year. I'm guessing it doesn't matter.

Questioning. Maybe it does matter. Maybe I'm one of those annoying constantly dissatisfied people. What's the fun in easy choices? All this fun and easy might kill me.