quarta-feira, fevereiro 18, 2009

No iPod: "Adore, Adore" - Yoav - acordei com essa música tocando na minha cabeça, meu horóscopo diz: "You're likely to be feeling extremely passionate today, Daniela, and you might want to connect with a love partner. However, circumstances might not permit this for one reason or another. You might be attracted towards the more racy novels or movies. Repressed anger might bubble up from your unconscious and seek an outlet." Acho que preciso da minha caderneta preta. ASAP.

At the roll of a dice, reality rearranges.
That's me, yeah
I'm everywhere you did not think I could be so,
Adore, adore.
Bow down before.
you start to fall
down on your knees
And adore me.

And I'll be there in the secrets that you dream in.
And I'll be there when you wake up in the morning.
And I'll be there when you get home in evening.
'Til the days of your life is done...

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