sábado, abril 05, 2008

Yesterday I was at a bar with a friend, having a girl's night out, filled with girl talk. We were discussing the choices that we've made and how even though we're happy with those choices and know, like really know, that it was those decisions that led us to have such great, fantastic moments and basically made us who we are, who we were sitting there at that table, in that moment; still those choices came with a cost, that is not cheap.

Maybe this cost isn't just because of our choices, but because of who we grew up to become, like these truly romantic people, extremely hard-headed and with some certainties about what we want out of life that we can sometimes even be perceived as people with absurdly high standards.

But the thing is, a couple of hours before we sat in that bar I was thinking and agreed with something that a good friend told me the day before, that it's like riding a bike. What is? Everything. You just have to take it out of the garage, hop on it and start riding again, even if it might hurt at first, even if we fall off of it, even if we don't really want the exercise, in time it will come naturally again. And you know what, exercise gives you endorphin, endorphin makes you happy, and happy people don't kill their husbands!

So, bottom line, the decision I made yesterday, thinking to myself, before sitting at the bar, still holds. I'm finally getting that new tattoo, to remind myself of where I'm at, and where I realized I wanna be.

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