terça-feira, agosto 18, 2009

Feeling dizzy so sleepy I am, but I lay down and still can't sleep.

Thinking about this morning, driving to work, beautiful day, I was listening to a great song (which I can neither blip, nor find at imeem), called "I'll never be free", by Marcia Ball - yeah, I like to prepare for any concert beforehand, and even though I loved this song I'm not sure yet if I really wanna hear it live.

Anywho, the song is really really sad, but for some reason made me smile and think about the end of Before Sunset, when Celine says Baby, you are gonna miss that plane, while impersonating Nina Simone, such a perfect moment. And Jesse just adds to the perfection, smiling and replying I know.

Just like that, he knows it, she knows it too. So perfect when you just *know* things. So much easier when you have someone to whisper at your ear 'this is it, this is the moment, go ahead and get it'. But not everything works just like in the movies and that's why I feel dizzy but can't sleep just yet.

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