sábado, outubro 27, 2012

Na cabeça: "The blower's daughter" - Damien Rice - ...and so it is... that I got a new tattoo. And went up on a stage and pretended to be in a battlefield. And had the most amazing red velvet cheesecake. Went up on the space needle in Seattle. Saw how a Boeing is assembled. Laughed like a maniac. Drank the DJ's drink, bargaining for a song but got drunk before he played it. Mixed up Portuguese, English, French and Spanish on the same sentence. Had curly fries in the middle of the night, on a greasy diner, where a homeless crazy guy was eating too.

And so it is that some stuff comes back to bite you in the ass when you least expect it. But others really do go away and hopefully do not come back.

And so it is that I'll be in Seattle next week, then Austin. Most importantly I'll get "an evening with Leonard Cohen". As music is the way to get myself clean, so it is that things keep coming full circle and closing down and opening up.

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