sábado, dezembro 12, 2009

Year's end...

Music playing, the first one got me mad, it's a song I love and I feel like I wasted it, giving it to somebody who would not be able to properly appreciate it. Such a special song "I've found a way to make you smile... I count your eyelashes, secretly. With every one, whisper I love you. I let you sleep. ".

Then I remember him telling me how, even tough he doesn't like the band, the song gave him the chills. And I picture him at night, on the road, tired from working all day, having his spirit lifted with a song I gave him. And I get even madder.

The next song doesn't make me mad, makes me smile, takes me back to a night a while ago that was so different from what I had planned, I left mad, but so hopeful and as I walked home "these strange steps, take us back, take us back..."

Smiling I think back, revisiting the year, closure I guess.

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