quarta-feira, fevereiro 06, 2013

So much stuff to say, to write, little disconnected thoughts, about records from 1992/1996 and 2012/2013, about lives changing and keeping still, about music that you can't hear while you work, music that demands that you sit down, pay attention, take a couple of deep breaths and only then hit play. So many of these kinds of songs released lately. Maybe it's because in the midst of everything people are actually taking the time to sit down and listen to music (from vinyl again nevertheless). Maybe it's just me who is breathing and sitting down again.

I remember something breaking inside of me while sitting at work and listening to Nothing' but time last year, on the day it was released.

I remember something mending inside of me while sitting at home and listening to the end of Jubilee Street, also on the day it was released.

Today I ordered my first vinyl in something like 17 years, and I only did it for the book that comes along.

I think about that scene from that movie with all the plaster and the breathing tube while I listen to who sees you. You see, it makes sense to me, even if it doesn't to you, it talks deeply to a part of me and I feel like I might also need a breathing tube.

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