sexta-feira, novembro 30, 2007

Lembra que há muito tempo eu comentei sobre uma festa no motel? Pois é, primeiro que eu percebi que não fiz um post contando como foi, só postei um link para as fotos, segundo que hoje vai rolar outra, se der, conto como foi.

No iPod: "A little bit more" - Tony C and the Truth
I thought she was a nasty girl
And I was right
Shes tying cherries up in knots with her tongue
I said I wish I may, I wish I might
Break me off a little some

Oh body left the lights on at motel 6
Baby came complete with a whole bag o tricks
Brought the cuffs but she left the key
Showed me shit I aint never even seen

I did it 1 time and I liked it so I did it
2 times got addicted had to do it
3 times couldn’t help it
and the number 4 time was the best
She showed me how it was ‘sposed to go
Now give me alittle bit more
Just a little bit more

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